The Aging Room. Premium Meat Dry-Aging Walk-in Room in Stainless Steel.

Do You Need a Special Fridge to Dry-Age?

In order to safely and properly dry age beef, it needs to be aged in the perfect climate. It needs precise humidity levels, temperature, and air circulation, and normal refrigerators fluctuate too much as people are going in and out of it. Any meat you’re trying to age can go bad.


When a steak is aged in a controlled environment like a special dry-aging fridge or chamber, it creates the rich, flavorful piece of meat that is associated with dry-aging. With a dry-aging chamber, you can control temperature, humidity, air volume, and ventilation to help properly manage the beef.

What to Look for in a Dry-Aging Chamber

When looking for a dry-aging chamber, you want one that has a great ventilation system, advanced temperature control, and a system that creates a cold, humid climate that ensures an optimal drying and ripening process.


With the proper equipment, you can age steak to perfection, accomplishing the rich, nutty taste and tender beef that is a staple of dry-aged meat. Restaurants and butcher shops often age steak between 14 to 240 days, although The Aging Room has identified the sweet spot between 30 to 45 days.


In order to create an appetizing, palpable dry-aged steak, there are important factors to consider when choosing the right equipment:


The chamber needs to maintain an 80% humidity level.

The climate should stay between 33.8 and 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

There needs to be an advanced ventilation system that circulates fresh air and maintains the perfect climate.

With an antibacterial environment, you can enhance the flavor profile and ensure a healthy aging environment.

The Aging Room Premium Dry-Aging Chamber

The Aging Room’s dry-aging chamber combines traditional aging processes with modern technologies. Our precise climate control equipment combined with a Himalayan salt wall creates an aging-friendly, natural microclimate that dry-ages steak.


With a Premium Dry Ager like The Aging Room Chamber, you’ll get more benefits on top of a perfect system that will manage temperature and climate so you can offer your customers premium, dry-aged beef:


Design The Aging Room Chamber to fully merge with the concept of your store or restaurant.

Engineers determine the chamber volume to ensure the correct operation of the chamber.

The chamber creates and circulates a salty, cold, and humid microclimate to ensure an optimal ripening process.

Present your steak in the right shade with better contrast to generate positive emotions with LED lighting and inside black walls.

Meat specialists can cut meat inside the chamber with a high-quality, wooden-cut butcher block to avoid entering and exiting the chamber unnecessarily.

Learn more about The Aging Room and how we design it for your business.
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