Premium Meat Ager

A patented chamber for ripening meat using a wall of Himalayan salt

We offer you a natural way of steak aging while showcasing the process in a beautiful environment.
The Aging Room chamber is equipped with an illuminated wall made of bricks of Himalayan salt.
With the help of patented techniques, salt plays an important role in creating perfect conditions for aging steaks.
The salt contributes to the drying process and acts as a natural antibacterial element. The meat ripens without exposure to any additional processes.

8 benefits

Perfect fit
The design of our chamber is highly customizable. It can fully merge with the design concept of your store, restaurant, it can be an add on to your designs ideas, or it can be completely transparent with the no reflection triple-layer thermally insulated glass on each side of a chamber, emphasizing only your steak collections!
Individual sizes
Depending on the available room, individual sizes are selected. The chamber volume is being determined by our engineers to ensure the correct operation of the chamber and the ability to hold the microclimate.
Black for contrast inside the wall
The chamber inside walls are black for better contrast of the product and its bright presentation.
Special climate
All systems of the chamber create and circulate a salty cold and humid micro-climate to ensure an optimal drying and ripening process.
LED lighting
LED lighting presents your steak collection in the right shade and generates positive related emotions.
Salt resistant & proven materials
The entire technical cooling group, and the chamber coating is completely salt resistant. We use exclusively tested insulating materials and V4a steel alloy for our salt.
Special drain
The drain system is under a salt wall through a special gutter for condensate.
Wooden butcher block
For the ultimate taste, the meats should never leave a chamber until it is fully ripened. And that is why we will provide you with a free of charge high-quality wooden cut butcher block so your meat specialist could cut the meats inside a chamber.


The Aging Room standard features include:

  • Salt wall with LED illumination
  • Measurement and control technology pre-piping in R134a
  • 2× hanger bars
  • Rack with two levels
  • Drainage channel for the salt wall
  • Salt resistant stainless-steel tub
  • Self-closing door with pressure compensation
  • Stainless steel evaporator
  • Illumination
  • Triple insulated glazing

Variable in dimension and geometry:

Special forms
Special angles
  • Additional covers: stone-look, steel-look, or wood-look
  • Additional screens: transparent insight, connection to the shop window
  • Additional placement: hanger bar, rack
  • Additional technology: alarm module reports to a smartphone

Important elements

Commercial grade handle
Hanger bar
Two-level rack
Stainless steel evaporator
Salt wall
Control box
  • An emergency device and contact switch disrupt the air circulation when the door is open.
  • Adjustable, two-rowed hanger bar to ripen and present whole racks.
  • Adjustable two-level dishwasher-safe rack; small contact area – ideal ripening process.
  • Defined the indoor climate of 33.8 F to 37.4 F cold room temperature and humidity of 80%.
  • Stainless steel evaporator with gold-anodized lamellae.
  • Perfect climatic conditions and germ inhibiting by the patented system, with LED illumination.
  • Ready for connection control box and control unit; temperature recording included.
  • Cooling piping and acoustic warning if the door is left opened.
  • Drain channel and a funnel siphon system.
  • Himalayan salt in a vertical stainless-steel guide.