Meat Aging Room Capacity Calculator

Estimate the volume of dry-aged meat you will be able to produce over a given period of time.

The Aging Room. Dry Aged Steak.

Minimum Recommended Size:

  • Width: 4.92 ft
  • Depth: 4.92 ft
  • Height: 8.53 ft

Maximum Recommended Size:

  • Width: 13.12 ft
  • Depth: 9.84 ft
  • Height: 8.53 ft

Calculating Meat Aging Room Capacity

Using the length and width of the meat Aging Room you own or are looking to purchase, our calculator can help you understand what size Aging Room will meet your sales requirements.

The Aging Room Capacity

The patented chamber offers a natural way of meat aging while showcasing the process in a beautiful environment. Equipped with an illuminated wall made of Himalayan salt bricks, it plays an essential role in creating the perfect condition for aging steaks.

Perfect Fit

The design of the chamber is customizable and can fully merge with the design concept of your store or restaurant. It can be an add-on to your design ideas or utterly transparent with no reflection, triple-layer, thermally-insulated glass on each side of the chamber.

Individual Sizes

Individual sizes are selected based on the available room at your store or restaurant. Our engineers determine the chamber volume to ensure the correct operation of the chamber and the ability to hold the microclimate.

Width, ft

Depth, ft

Area needed for one beef rack in sq. ft.


Max weight per beef rack in lb.


Area of Aging Room in sq. ft.

Aging Room capacity in lb.

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