The Aging Room. Premium Meat Dry-Aging Walk-in Room in Stainless Steel.

How Does a Dry-Aging Cabinet Work?

The most important thing about meat-aging is creating the perfect climate for the steak to age properly. In the wrong environment with fluctuating temperatures or humidity levels, any meat can go bad. When the steak is in a controlled environment for the right period of time, it creates a rich, flavorful piece of meat that your customers will enjoy. A dry-aging cabinet allows you to do just that, controlling both temperature, humidity, and ventilation levels in order to properly manage the beef.

What Makes a Good Dry-Aging Cabinet?

A good dry-aging cabinet will have a great ventilation system with advanced temperature control that keeps the meat from spoiling, aging it to perfection. When looking for a dry ager/dry-aging cabinet, those systems should create a cold and humid climate to ensure optimal drying and ripening process.

As one of the most temperature-sensitive foods, it’s important to have your steak properly stored and controlled from the moment you receive it. In order for the steak to dry-age correctly to achieve flavorful profiles, it needs to live in a climate between 34.7 degrees to 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit. With such a tight temperature window, a dry-aging cabinet will need all the right technology to maintain these levels.

Oxygen is also important to the dry-aging process. The oxygen ventilation allows the signature dry-age crusting to form. Bad germs can form in “standing” air, so having good ventilation is crucial to keeping a constant flow of fresh and clean.

How to Find a Premium Dry-Aging Cabinet

Having a great dry-aging cabinet is important to properly aging your steak so you can offer your customers premium, dry-aged beef. At The Aging Room, our dry-aging chamber combines traditional aging processes with modern technologies. Precise climate control equipment combined with a Himalayan salt wall creates an aging-friendly, natural microclimate to dry-age steaks. 

With a premium dry ager like The Aging Room Chamber, you get more benefits on top of the perfect system to manage temperature and climate:

  1. The volume of the interior of the chamber is designed to maximize the effectiveness of the aging process.
  2. All systems of the chamber create and circulate a salty cold and humid microclimate to ensure an optimal drying and ripening process.
  3. The lighting in the chamber, including the lighting behind the salt, is calibrated to create an enticing visual experience for the customer.
  4. All steel fittings and insulation inside the chamber have been tested to withstand the high humidity and salt environment.
  5. We provide a high-quality wooden butcher block so your meat specialist can cut the steaks inside the chamber.
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