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What Is Aged Meat?

Aged meat is the final product enabled under refrigerated and microclimate conditions, allowing natural processes to improve flavor and tenderness.

Keeping meat at special refrigerated temperatures and micro-climate conditions enhances tenderness and flavor, commonly known as aging meat.


What is the purpose of aging meat? 

The purpose is to enhance taste, make it meaty and nutty, achieve an umami-like taste, make it richer, and enhance tenderness.


Is aged meat better than fresh?

It depends on your taste preferences.

Aged meat is richer and significantly more tender than fresh meat.


How to recognize the taste? 

Fresh meat tastes metallic; wet aged meat tastes sour due to gases trapped during the process; and aged meat tastes meatier, umami, and beefier if it is beef.


How does it work in the Aging Room?

An aging room produces a salty microclimate with controlled air circulation, temperature, and humidity. You don't need to move the meat inside; the air will move around the meat. The Aging Room matures exclusively with salt. There are no ultraviolet lamps, activated charcoal filters, or chemicals. The maturing process dissolves the salt in the air, creating a thin film of salt that envelops the meat. The Aging Room's microclimate evaporates the moisture out of the meat, enzymes work to break down the fibers and tenderize the beef, and as a result, the taste increases. The process gives the meat a desirable Umami taste.


We age exclusively with Himalayan salt. There are four main reasons for that:

The primary purpose of incorporating salt into the process is to facilitate the traditional and 100% natural aging process, which ultimately results in an exceptional taste.

The second reason is to prevent excessive meat loss. It's important to use a substantial amount of salt to achieve sufficient saturation levels, rather than just one or two slabs. By following this process and using salt, you can expect a meat loss rate of around 10–15%. However, if you skip the salt, you can expect a much higher loss rate of 40% or more.

Salt has antibacterial properties.

Marketing. The glowing Himalayan salt wall is beautiful and attracts customers. Showcasing the distinctive aging process sets you apart from competitors and is a powerful tool for increasing sales. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring it to your floor. Make it your sales vehicle, and let the customers see the unique process!


Why do I need the Aging Room, or why do I need to age?

If you sell, prepare, or consume it, you should take advantage of modern technology that enabled an old process and made it affordable with different options; you should take control of your premium product and control the full cycle.

Learn More About The Aging Room®'s Chamber

By combining traditional aging processes and modern technology, The Aging Room® uses state-of-the-art climate control equipment with Himalayan salt to create an aging-friendly, natural microclimate to dry-age steaks to their fullest potential. The steak rests and ripens in a natural environment, never vacuum-sealed or chemically preserved, allowing restaurants, butcheries, and retail shops to utilize every part of the meat. Learn more about the benefits of The Aging Room®'s Chamber.

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