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How Long Can You Keep Dry-Aged Steak in the Fridge?

After purchasing steak that’s been dry-aged already, you can put it in a freezer without adversely affecting the flavor significantly.  It’s important to keep in mind that there can be a small change in texture once it’s placed in the freezer, but the overall quality of the steak will not be affected. It will stay preserved until it is removed. Dry-aged steak can be stored in a freezer for about six months without affecting the flavor or texture severely.

How to Store Dry-Aged Steak in a Freezer

When storing dry-aged meat, wrap it well in heavy-duty plastic wrap or a re-sealable bag with all the air squeezed out. It’s important to proceed cautiously to avoid any further loss of moisture because it can make your dry-aged beef dry and chewy rather than tender.


As long as the steak is wrapped well, it will avoid any freezer burn. When in the freezer, the dry-aged beef will not continue dry-aging since the colder temperature will keep the meat in stasis until pulled out of the freezer.

How Time Affects Dry-Aged Steak Taste

Dry-aged steak gets its flavor during the aging process. In the dry-aging chamber, the specific temperature, pressure, and humidity levels draw out the moisture from the steak and redistribute it. This process creates the iconic umami flavor associated with dry-aged steak.


The longer the steak is allowed to age, the more time it gets to continue to break down proteins and fats, creating lactic acids, fatty acids, and salts that promote the taste. The flavor is enhanced continuously every week the steak is allowed to age, creating a richer, denser, flavorful taste. It is often compared to subtle hints of other delicious flavors like “blue cheese” or “nutty.”

Create the Perfect Dry-Aged Steak

How long you want to dry-age steak depends on what your customers want. If your customers are dry-age connoisseurs looking to try the strongest, most potent flavored steaks, then you may want to aim for a few months. If you’re looking to introduce dry-aged steak to your customers, then we suggest going for a smaller time range and working your way up.

At The Aging Room, we have perfected our chamber to dry-age steaks over a six-week-long process. Our premium steak-aging chamber uses traditional processes with modern technology to offer a natural way of aging steak while showcasing the process to your customers. With an illuminated wall made of Himalayan salt bricks, our salt wall contributes to the aging process, acting as a natural antibacterial element and flavor enhancer. Learn more about The Aging Room Chamber and even more benefits that come with it.
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