The Aging Room. Premium Meat Dry-Aging Walk-in Room. Inside Panoramic View.

The Difference Between Dry-Aged Steak and Wet-Aged

Quality steak is worth waiting for, and aging is a crucial step to ensure beef is as tender and flavorful as possible. There are two main ways to age steak, which are dry-aging and wet-aging. While humans have been dry-aging steak for many centuries, wet-aging came about with the invention of plastic and vacuum-sealing. Both are worth trying, but which is preferred will be based on preference as they have different flavors and textures enhanced by their processes.  

Dry-Aged Steak vs Wet-Aged Steak

Dry-aged steak involves hanging cuts of beef at a very specific temperature just above freezing in a temperature-controlled aging chamber. The steak will sit in there anywhere from 30 days to 120 days on average. During this time, the process allows the enzymes to break down the muscle fibers, making the meat very tender. It also allows the water to evaporate, condensing the steak and concentrating the flavor. The flavor of dry-aged meat is what draws steak lovers in with its rich, nutty notes.


On the other hand, wet-aging seals the steak in vacuum-sealed plastic, aging between 4-10 days, or occasionally longer. This process traps the moisture as the enzymes break down the fibers, increasing tenderness but not reducing the moisture. This results in less concentration with a fresher, metallic taste that the average consumer is accustomed to.

Why Dry Age Steak?

Dry-aged steak has gained popularity in the last decade and is the ultimate steak-eating experience at a restaurant. Using advanced technologies to regulate temperature, humidity, and air pressure, the centuries-old dry-aging process has been significantly improved to ensure safe and flavorful aging. By offering customers a behind-the-scenes look at this process, you’ll put your business on the map as the destination for dry-aged steak. With its unique and delicious flavor, it gives customers the opportunity to expand their palettes.

The Aging Room Dry Aging Chamber

The Aging Room Chamber offers a natural way of dry-aging steak while showcasing the process in a beautiful environment. This patented dry-aging chamber is equipped with an illuminated wall made of Himalayan salt bricks. Not only are you showcasing the dry-aged steak, but the beautiful display will draw more customers and raise the status of your restaurant. 

In addition to enhancing its appearance, the Himalayan salt contributes to the drying process and acts as a natural element to ripen the steak. Learn more about The Aging Room Chamber and its technology.
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